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here Coupon malredemption has become a major problem for brands who have to pay up for redeemed coupons even though the intended product has not been purchased. However on this point we've expressed the view the idea is reckless and irresponsible. Since the ISP has been in discussion with retailers about doing more to tackle coupon malredemption and has said the practice is potentially fraudulent.

However in response Lewis dismissed the view consumers were committing fraud and said it was an issue between retailers and brands. Lewis said it was not the intention to hit brands and said the ISP needed to deal with retailers over the problem. However Lewis did concede that he would be happy to run a comment on MoneySavingExpert from the ISP detailing how much malredemption costed brands and let the consumers decide for themselves. Stay signed in. Forgotten password? Get the very latest news and insight from Campaign with unrestricted access to campaignlive.

Get the latest creative jobs in advertising, media, marketing and digital delivered directly to your inbox each day. But I wanted to remove the story completely from its setting and take the reader on a many-thousand-mile journey in the space of one transition. I thought it was very strange myself, and I wasn't sure if it was going to work.

I liked the language, and it felt like one of those things that just comes to you as a little gift. Writing as you describe it seems to be a very intuitive process. How much of writing can be taught, particularly over the course of two weeks with a format like the Summer Writers Institute?

My feeling about it is that craft is something that can be taught.

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Located in a 17th-century thatched house in southwest England, this retreat center runs a variety of programs throughout the year. To apply, you must submit a page writing sample. More from the web. Real estate analysts were an integral part of the design team from the first day of designing a competition strategy. One more time.. Holly Smith. The very first scene outlines what happens when a man gets bitten by a squirrel, which then brings out the family dynamics surrounding him.

Those two things are intrinsically linked: the writing and reading. In class, I try to establish a working vocabulary of craft ideas and elements to toss around. Some may go on to publish and become professional writers, and some may be looking for personal enrichment. There are also a lot of people from the Wash U community who take this course and may not be interested in publishing a giant novel, but they like writing and personal enrichment.

For students who want to make a career of writing, how do you prepare them for how challenging that is? I want the two weeks especially to be about the writing and reading, and not draw the publishing world into it too much. Good work finds its way out into the world if the writer of that work is interested in putting it out there.

I do feel like writing completes itself by being seen in some way. I try to get that across, but at the same time, there are a lot of rejections. And for those students who are interested in going on, I do give them that information and let them know how difficult it is. You have to have a strong stomach against things like that. But I try not to make that what the two weeks are about.

It offers expert advice on budgeting, managing student loans, handling credit card debt as well as success stories to inspire you to become debt. The Lloyd Crossing Sustainable Urban Design Plan integrates multiple sustainable strategies for energy, water, and habitat to transform and create a new identity for a block, inner-city, commercial area of Portland. The plan lays out a new analytical, design, and economic framework for adding 8 million square feet of development over 45 years while dramatically improving the district's environmental performance.

A four-block, mixed-use project, the Catalyst Project, will serve as a testing ground for key elements of the design plan. Predesign The initial design process included a competition that brought together the entire consultant team for the first design charrette. Within the first week, real estate analysts, branding specialists, landscape planners, urban designers, civil engineers, district and building energy specialists, and a contractor all came together with the architectural design team to brainstorm solutions for the district.

Design Integrated process After winning the competition, the team held multiple meetings with stakeholders and City agencies to understand the existing potential and the potential payback to the City by offsetting infrastructure costs with neighborhood sustainable strategies. Metrics and payback After initial goals had been set and the Predevelopment Metrics concept had evolved, there were many iterations of the strategy—payback cycle.

Each idea or strategy was tested against the cost—benefit analysis for the district financial model. Benefit modeling included detailed analysis of the input and output flows of the district. These included carbon, water, solar energy, tree cover, etc. Design integration The most exciting step was combining the metrics, payback, and design and expressing the water, solar, and wind functions in the infrastructure forms.

New forms were created for intersections, and wastewater treatment was included within the central urban space. All of the Plan's key environmental strategies work toward the Predevelopment Metrics Goals in the categories of habitat, water, and energy.

These goals provide the framework for evaluating and understanding the systemic nature of the interconnected design strategies. Habitat quantity, quality, and connections will be improved by restoring habitat "patches" within the streetscape that connect to existing habitat corridors. Tree cover will increase from Energy demand will be reduced and onsite renewable energy resources, such as daylighting, wind power, photovoltaic systems, and biogas generation, will be harnessed. A shared "thermal loop" will balance heating demands among complementary uses. The carbon balance will be reduced from 29, tons per year to 2, tons per year, despite the addition of 8 million ft2 of new buildings.

Transportation The study area is at the nexus of Portland's light-rail and bus network as well as a planned streetcar system. These networks provide the optimum opportunity to utilize mass transit, minimizing local air pollution and greenhouse-gas emissions. Surface parking for existing uses will be displaced by open space and future building development, and a portion of existing street parking will be displaced by stormwater, streetscape, and habitat strategies.

The district's existing Transportation Management Association has focused programs for improved public transit and ride sharing, alternative work-hour programs, and programs promoting parking management and bicycle and pedestrian measures. Utility infrastructure The neighborhood is well served by existing water, sewer, gas, and power infrastructure.

The electrical infrastructure, however, is near some transmission limits and would benefit from reduced power consumption. These TIF funds could be essential for creating the sustainable urban infrastructure. Placemaking and preserving urban density The Sustainable Design Plan vision is to preserve all the potential development area within the neighborhood.

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Over time this will reduce the pressure on development in areas outside Portland's urban growth boundary. Such sites which have less developed infrastructure and are more sensitive environmentally. The plan also recommends a combination of strategies for street-level and upper-level land use, street hierarchy, open space, landscape and habitat, ground-level building character, and tower setback requirements that would create a vibrant, attractive urban neighborhood.

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FAR transfer In order to create vital open space and to preserve the floor-area-ratio FAR capacity of the study area, the plan recommends exploring the idea of a FAR transfer mechanism between selected sites in the neighborhood. The habitat and tree-cover strategies will combine to form a small, mixed-conifer forest woven into the urban infrastructure.

A layering of green streets, pedestrian streets, habitat corridors, and bioswales will create an integrated, urban streetscape. The stormwater-management approach mimics predevelopment watershed characteristics by using the natural flow of the site to capture and treat stormwater in a system of bioswales at the downhill side of each block and intersection. All of the stormwater generated from the rights-of-way will be treated and recharged into the ground. This stormwater strategy will improve river water quality and reduce demand on Portland's combined stormwater and sewer system. It will also increase landscape and habitat areas, unify the streetscape design concept, and create a unique pedestrian experience.

All of the stormwater generated from private property, and not captured for reuse, will be treated and infiltrated on site with a variety of stormwater best-management practices. Zoning will be modified to optimize solar exposure during buildout. The plan calls for detailed wind-flow and solar analysis of building massing and street exposure.

Extensive natural ventilation and daylighting strategies will reduce the need for energy-intensive systems. Buildings in the Catalyst Project are designed to respond directly to solar paths and wind patterns. The elliptical plan for the housing tower is designed to reduce perimeter area, optimize summer ventilation on the northwest axis, and use an offset elliptical solar screen to provide shading. Most apartments will have dual exposures to maximize daylighting and natural ventilation and cooling. The Sustainable Design Plan is designed to encourage and optimize natural ventilation and daylighting.

Massing diagrams encourage offset towers for optimum wind and solar access. Offsetting the towers also creates viewshed opportunities to the Willamette River. The development goal is to exceed LEED r Platinum standards for indoor air quality, ventilation, and daylighting. The narrow floor plates of the Catalyst Project office tower will take full advantage of cross ventilation, enable occupant views, and optimize daylighting.

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The elliptical floor plate of the residential tower will be oriented on a northwest axis to optimize wind speed and negative pressure at the exterior skin during summer months. Water strategies within the Catalyst Project will include dual systems for supplying potable and reclaimed water, individual rainwater-harvesting systems, and a shared blackwater-treatment system to collect and treat all of the wastewater from the Catalyst Project and two existing office towers.

The energy vision of the Sustainable Design Plan is to create a neighborhood in which the carbon balance and the use of incident solar energy equal or improve upon the predevelopment condition. Load reduction Reduced energy loads will lower total energy use as well as peak electricity demand. Renewable energy As the study area is built out, building efficiency will generate increasingly significant savings. Photovoltaic and wind systems will not only save money, but will also present the district's sustainable identity to the larger community. Biogas will be generated from waste processing in the study area.

The development will purchase wind power for all imported electricity and carbon-offset credits for all imported natural gas. The materials vision of the Sustainable Design Plan is a neighborhood in which construction materials are evaluated and selected based on long-term energy efficiency and low embodied carbon-dioxide content, to contribute to achieving the goal of a carbon-neutral study area.

Methodologies will be developed as design of infrastructure and buildings begins. Long-term adaptability and flexibility of systems is a key component of the Plan. The proposed plan anticipates a mix of residential, office, and commercial development and must provide a framework of energy, water, and habitat strategies that will work with each building type. All sustainable infrastructure strategies are designed to support high density. This plan will meet the urban design and livability goals while providing a building type with an extended shelf life.

Building designs will accentuate durable exterior materials and exposed and "updateable" energy systems. Photovoltaic and solar hot-water systems will be integrated into buildings but also open systems so that elements can be replaced as technology develops. Cost and financing mechanisms are treated as design elements as critical as solar, wind, or water strategies. Real estate analysts were an integral part of the design team from the first day of designing a competition strategy.

Multiple strategies were utilized to create an innovative economic plan: -Reinvest million in savings each year from sustainable strategies to fund green infrastructure.

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A commitment to identifying public sources of capital is required to aid in short-term capital shortfalls. Tax-increment financing TIF , local-improvement district LID revenue, federal incentives, system development charges, new market tax credits, and the reallocation of capital expenditures for regional infrastructure were all explored to fund the 0 million to build the sustainable infrastructure.

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Creating the RMA In order to create, design, and finance new district-wide green strategies, a new operational and funding mechanism will be required. The RMA will engage in a variety of tasks, ranging from the financing and coordination of public grants to the implementation of district-wide energy and water plans and the creation of green infrastructure. A key concept of the RMA is to use the incremental savings from the high-performing energy and water systems to finance the capital costs for new green infrastructure throughout the district.

Payback analyses The district-wide summary financial model identifies payback periods for water and energy systems, habitat and open space, and placemaking infrastructure. Water and energy systems have the shortest payback periods, and the subsequent revenue will be used to pay for the habitat, open space, and placemaking infrastructure. All infrastructure will be paid off and generating revenue by the end of the study period, assuming reinvestment savings by all development stakeholders. When this project began, neither the PDC nor the consultants knew whether it was possible to achieve a development that was both environmentally and financially sustainable, much less one that met our very aggressive performance standards.

We learned that, through an integrated approach, we could conceive a plan that meets the highest level of environmental performance, generates positive returns, and creates a unique urban neighborhood. Even though implementation of the vision will require strong public-private partnerships, patient investors, and a long-term perspective, the plan has already generated support and excitement. One of our biggest challenges was creating integrated habitat plans for an urban district.

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Urban ecosystems with enhanced open space and landscaped streets exist in other locations, but optimizing conditions and design parameters for a "steady state" urban wildlife population is a concept that has not been fully tested. Creating future citywide networks for habitat connections will be key to optimizing the ecological diversity within open space preserved through growth-management practices in Portland. Encourage your third-grade students to show their creative sides, with our most popular creative writing printables.

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