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I find the feature particularly welcome when I'm cooking — it doesn't matter if you manage to slather your slate in flour and grease while using your grimy finger on a recipe app, as you can just wipe it clean. It's worth bearing in mind that Sony has recently said it doesn't recommend using its products under water even though they are waterproof.

It basically means don't leave your tablet in water for days on end or get it soaking wet a couple of times a day. Although the waterproofing arguably makes the Z4 one of the most robust tablets on the market, the rest of the design does give you the feeling that it would snap on the slightest drop. The power button is on the left-hand side, with the volume rocker just underneath.

Both are difficult to reach, but it's not clear where they could be better located on a inch slate — you'll just have to deal with the fact that you'll be using two hands when changing the volume or turning the screen on and off. A big design change is the lack of a dock connector at the bottom, which enables the tablet to be made that little bit thinner. The display is a It looks great, delivering really sharp images, and is a real step up compared to the x setup we saw on the Xperia Z2 Tablet. Watching video is a real treat here — you're getting pixels per inch sharpness, better than the ppi on the iPad Air 2, in addition to the screen itself being significantly bigger than Apple's alternative.

As with previous models, Sony has surrounded the tablet with pretty hefty bezels. These have been whittled down a little further than on the Xperia Z2 Tablet, but they're still quite cumbersome. I like them though — I've got some pretty thick thumbs to fit in those bezels and it means I'm not tapping the tablet when I'm focusing on a different area, as I sometimes find myself doing with a caseless iPad.

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They're not to everyone's taste, though, and Sony could do with shaving them down a little more and making the slate a little smaller overall. The display reproduces colours beautifully. This drives up the minimum price and I found this an annoyance when deciding to take the plunge, although now I have it I find myself using it a lot more than I expected to and am actually quite happy that I have it.

The tablet slips into a grip like protrusion at the back of the keyboard, where the angle can then be adjusted to whatever suits best.

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The tablet connects to the keyboard via Bluetooth both devices have NFC so simply touching them the first time pairs them. When connected, the tablet turns into "laptop" mode, which introduces a Windows-like start menu, and a customisable list of favourite apps along the bottom. The mousepad works fine, with adjustable sensitivity. I find it works well for some functions such as selecting a precise position in a word document but less so for others, such as general navigation, but you can switch between touchscreen and mouse by simply using either so you get the best of both worlds.

The keys on the keyboard are relatively cramped, which is to be expected from this size device. However, I've used it many times for writing word documents and emails, and after a few minutes of initial adjustment I've had no problems to speak of. It includes hot keys to adjust things such as device volume and turn the screen on and off, which are particularly useful when I use my tablet as a music player on my desk at work. Considering the price difference between the two models, it isn't a decision I've regretted.

Films and articles are downloaded before leaving the house, and if there's any browsing I want to do when I don't have a WiFi connection then I can always tether the device to my phone. Speaking of which, if you have an Xperia phone there is an app called Xperia Connect which manages all of the Internet sharing for you through NFC. Overall I'm incredibly pleased with the Z4 and would definitely recommend it.

The price is steep but the product is premium and made especially good value if you use it in coordination with the Sony ecosystem such as Xperia phone and PS4. I'm happy to answer product questions if the review hasn't covered particular areas.

This tablet is truly fantastic! The screen is super sharp, clear and offers a great viewing experience. It produces natural colours very well. It is a joy to use and is one of the best i have used.. The speakers and sound of the tablet are also worth mentioning. The built in speakers offer great sound and clarity and are plenty loud enough to fill a room. Attach some headphones and you get even better sound and clarity as well as noise cancelling if your headphones support it The battery life I am finding also to be excellent.

Lasts a lot longer than other tablets I have used in the past.

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If you only use it now and then it will easily last a week or two. If you are a heavy user i would say minimum 2 days use.

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It really is super light and very thin indeed, yet it still feels very well built. I would even say this is probably the best Sony product I have owned and that Sony currently produces. The keyboard is perfect for its intended use and complements the tablet well.

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The tablet now runs Android 6. Overall I couldn't be happier with the Z4.

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Really a superb tablet. Blows all others out the water! One person found this helpful. Despite the majority of positive reviews the negative ones were still a bit scary to me when making this purchase. I needed a tablet to replace my laptop which is way too heavy and bulky for my on-the-go lifestyle.

Sony unveils Xperia Z4 at 5.2 inches with Snapdragon 810

Because I'm a student I decided that I needed a keyboard so that I can take the tablet with me and possibly write my coursework on it as well. I am absolutely delighted with this product! Both the tablet and the keyboard is super slim and sleek. The tablet can do absolutely everything I need it to, and I'm looking forward to typing up my lecture notes on this beauty.

This is really impressive. The display is stunning and performance is great. I used to think VLC media player for android was just not very good but now I realize my old Nvidia Tegra 2 powered slate just didn't have the processing grunt to properly run even p video. High quality video and uncompressed audio is what I wanted out of a new tablet and this checks those boxes with style.

The keyboard is a great bonus, when connected a cool little taskbar appears at the bottom of the screen along with a mouse pointer making it feel just like using a laptop. Impressive screen Impressive screen 2. Keyboard is self binding and the tablet automatically picks it up when turned on. Gets warm after an hour of games Matthew Benson July 25, shares. Ash Tailor July 16, shares.

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Sony fans rejoice! Matthew Benson July 8, shares. Sony partners with Twitch to broadcast from Xperia devices Sony has partnered with video streaming service Twitch to broadcast games live from its Xperia smartphones and tablets. Robert Triggs July 8, shares. He is confident in his Matthew Benson July 7, shares.